Cupido's Erotic Short Stories

Skrevet av: Terje Gammelsrud

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Already in our first issue in 1984 the editor of Cupido challenged his readers to participate actively in the hazardous project it was to develop an alternative erotic magazine for men as well as women.

We told our readers in no uncertain terms that if they wanted to know of other peoples sexuality and what turns them on - and if they wanted to get aroused on other peoples erotic stories - well, in that case they would have contribute themselves with their own sexual confessions and erotic fiction.

Our readers responded to our challenge. In the past years Cupido has received literally thousands of readers letters and short stories from readers who have been remarkably honest about their own sexual experiences and longings. Most of them, as an additional benefit, have found that writing about sex has been a liberating experience in itself, liberating for their erotic creativity, at least.

Thanks to the mutual trust and collaboration between the readers and the editorial staff, Cupido has been able to collect a unique documentation about sex in Scandinavia, its multifaceted attitudes and monomania, its openmindedness as well as its restrictions.

We have received literally thousands of contributions. Of these we have published approximately 500 short stories and 1200 readers letters (1998). We have registered with pleasure as well as pride, that there has been an equal amount of women and men among the authors.

Contributors in the thousands have been systematically backed up by the many Nordic sexologists that Cupido work with. Therapists, researchers and educators have lead the way along the mysterious ways of our sexuality through interviews and articles published in our magazine. In this manner they have made substantial contributions to legalising erotic fiction and its use in peoples everyday life.

The writers in Cupido must also have found a lot of inspiration in the work of a handful of American women sex-pioneers, among them Betty Dodson, Lonnie Barbach, Joani Blank, Candida Royalle, Marcy Sheiner, Carol Queen, Isadora Alman and Deborah Sundahl. All of them have contributed to making Cupido shine even more prominently and they have made it evident for everyone who wants to see that womens erotic potential and creativity are inexhaustible.

In later years more and more professional writers, American as well as Scandinavian, have knocked on the door of Cupidos fiction editor.

We hope that our participation on the Internet will let us meet an even greater amount of professional as well as amateur writers.

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