David Steinberg: Photographic Compersion

Skrevet av: David Steinberg

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© David Steinberg

The year was 2000 when my partner, Joan, and I were having dinner with two close friends, Henry and Sara, celebrating an exciting development in my life. I had, a few months earlier, done my first photo shoot of a couple being sexual, trying my hand at the delicate process of capturing on film an honestly emotional record of “ordinary” people (not porn actors) engaged in sex.

I had sent a portfolio of the photos from that first shoot to Cupido, and editor/publisher Terje Gammelsrud had responded enthusiastically – publishing several of my photos immediately and encouraging me to photograph other couples for publication in the magazine. I was flattered and thrilled, but where was I going to find people interested in not only being sexual in the presence of a third person with a camera, but also willing for the photographic images to be published in a popular intern...

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