David Steinberg: My Oldest Friend and Comrade with Her New Lover

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© David Steinberg

I was thrilled when my oldest friend and legendary sex pioneer (founder of Good Vibrations and Down There Press publishing house, among other things) overcame her shyness about being photographed for public consumption, and agreed at long last to have me photograph her with Juanito, her latest and intensely devoted sexual partner.

This is a woman who, at the time of the shoot in 2010 had already shepherded me through much of my own career and development as a sex advocate. Among other things it was she who introduced me to Terje Gammelsrud and Olav Manum in 1989, resulting in the wonderful working relationship I have had with Cupido ever since. Over the years she and I were occasional sex partners, but much more significant was the friendship, understanding, and passion advocating for a positive, sensible, and joyous a...

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